LOS ANGELES - A broad coalition of neighborhood leaders, environmental advocates and others today denounced an attempt to recall Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, saying it is a wasteful attempt to remove an effective and popular leader - and an abuse of the electoral process.

“Mike Bonin has been the champion of our neighborhoods and he was just reelected by an enormous margin,” said Jay Handal, a neighbor in West Los Angeles and co-Chair of the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates. “He gets things done for our neighborhoods. It is scandalous that a handful of people with ulterior motives are trying to undo our election results, while taxpayers foot the bill.”
“Recalling Mike Bonin is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard of,” said Val Velasco, a Playa del Rey neighbor. “Mike restored and expanded Fire Department resources, stopped LAX expansion into our neighborhoods, and has worked tirelessly to address our city’s homelessness crisis. “He’s effective, positive — and most important he listens and is accessible to the community.”
“As a neighborhood council leader, I can tell you that Mike Bonin is closely connected to Westside communities,” said Cyndi Hench, President of the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa. “Mike genuinely cares about our communities and listens to what we have to say. Even when it’s difficult, Mike takes action to make sure our concerns are addressed. Getting the lanes restored in Playa del Rey is a perfect example.”  
“The Sierra Club opposes the wasteful effort to recall Councilmember Mike Bonin because he works side-by-side with his constituents to protect the environment and quality of life in every neighborhood in his Westside district,” said Marcia Hanscom, Executive Committee member of the Sierra Club’s Angeles Chapter.
"I've seen Mike deliver time and again for our neighborhoods. His commitment to better lives in the Westside is indisputable. For many, the Westside is a better place to live because of Mike's exceptional ability to balance interests and serve his constituents as an effective Councilmember," said Maryam Zar, Vice-Chair of the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils and President of Pacific Palisades Community Council. "From helping protect our coast from pollution and oil and gas drilling, to ensuring that we have the resource to protect our communities, Mike has listened to our concerns and addressed them. He has worked closely with our first responders to give them the support and tools they need to protect our hillside communities from the threat of brush fires and other emergencies. I continue to reach out to Mike and ask him to stand with us on the various issues that impact or community, and am proud to stand with him in the face of this wasteful use of the recall process."
“Recalling Mike Bonin is a crazy idea," said Denny Zane, a transportation leader and one of the architects of Measure M. "He is a leader in the battles for more mass transit, for improved mobility, and for traffic relief. He’s a forward thinking leader and a great voice for the Westside.”

"Mike Bonin has been a fierce champion of smart, humane and comprehensive solutions to homelessness. He is willing to lead and is willing to take a risk to do the right thing," said Booker Pearson of Playa del Rey. "Mike's tireless efforts continue to improve the quality of life for both unhoused and housed community members and recalling him would be a tremendous setback to efforts to end homelessness in Los Angeles. 
“The Los Angeles County Democratic Party is proud to stand with Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin as he faces a dubious recall attempt," said Mark Gonzalez, Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party - the largest local Democratic Party entity in the United States. "Those behind the recall do not have the best interests of the City of Los Angeles at heart, instead they are considering their own paths to power using politics as the method and Mike Bonin as the target. It is deplorable and we are ready to use every resource available to fight this ridiculous recall attempt.”
According to estimates provided by the Clerk’s office, the process of implementing a recall election, including signature verification, can cost nearly $2 million. Bonin was re-elected in March of this year with 71% of the vote.

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