Neighbors - In Their Own Words

We asked neighbors: Why do YOU support Mike?

Here's what they had to say: 

“Many politicians and residents like to discuss topics like homelessness, airport expansion and road safety, but Mike actually acts on these topics, carefully listening to his constituents and trying to act in their best interests.”

-Katie Clarke


“Mike is a thoughtful council member with decades of experience.  He thoroughly understands his district and is not an outsider.  He has a knack for hiring great people to interface between city agencies and his constituents.  His office is very responsive to all perspectives and actively engages with residents and neighborhoods.  In particular, his wisdom in transportation planning far surpasses that of people who have thrown up a lot of speculative BS about his reasoning and motivations as well as those of the community at large.  I have lived and worked for years at a time in Mar Vista, Venice, Marina del Rey (where I managed a floor of the twin tech buildings), DTLA, West L.A. and Leimert Park and have increasingly challenged myself to be a thoughtful commuter, auto driver, bus user, pedestrian and bicyclist since I started biking to Jr. High in the district in the early 1980s.  Today, I have co-workers who want to bike from where they live in Mar Vista to work, which would reduce vehicle congestion through the district, but they have been too afraid to walk or bicycle in their own neighborhoods.  The improvements on Venice, instead of stressing me out like most other routes through our city, set my mind at ease as an auto driver, as I know I am no longer in danger of striking a cyclist there and they have sensitized my fellow drivers to pedestrian crossings.  Together with our long-overdue rail system, it is the infrastructure our city needs to move into the future.”

-David Wolfberg


“Mike continuously works each neighborhood to make our lives better. His commitment to Homeless, Public Transit and vision zero are exemplary. It is not easy to have 100% consensus and to move our neighborhoods forward we all have to collaborate and give and take.”

-Tom Creed


“Fights for the good of his constituents.”

-Dodi Fromson


“I support Mike because he has been a champion of progressive causes, affordable housing, and safe streets.”

-Terence Heuston


“Standing up for the calming and better streets.”

-Natalie  Farnham


“His strong people-first stance on multiple issues, particularly bike-ped safety.”

-Nona Varnado


“We need politicians that are willing to implement road design that is safer for all, even when it’s unpopular to vocal few.”

-Nathan Lucero


“He's transparent, he listens to the community, he's honest, he works tirelessly to help his constituents, and isn't afraid to stand up and for people from all walks of life, all ages, and all cultural backgrounds.  We are indeed lucky to have Mike represent us.”

-Laurie Sale


“Stand up guy.”

-G Kramer


“Effective and wise.”

-Anne Zimmerman


“He cares about sustainability and the future of our city.”

-Caro Vilain


“He has taken bold steps to deal with homelessness and traffic.”

-Ian McIlvaine


“Great streets project is awesome!  I just hope he doesn’t give in on changing it back.”

-Deke Kincaid


“I support Councilmember Mike Bonin because he has unequivocally proven to be the greatest leader, and most outspoken champion, of transportation policies designed to protect the citizens in the city of Los Angeles.”

-Noah Fleishman


“My wife and I do not own a car. The leader out there trying their best to make sure we get as much attention paid to our safety as any other Angeleno is Mike Bonin. Mike Bonin tries to do the right thing everyday---I can't think of anything else I'd want in an officeholder.”

-Mehmet Berker


“He is committed to public service, experienced, a progressive and supporter of the arts. Plus he is a nice guy!”

-Suzanne Thompson


“Vision Zero is a national security issue, and Councilmember Bonin's commitment to Vision Zero is nothing less than a commitment to American national security, and the inherent and self-evident sanctity of all human life.  When terrorist attacks occur in the 21st century, they frequently involve the intentional use of automobiles to mow down pedestrians and cyclists.  Only through programs such as Vision Zero can the possibility of such vehicular carnage be entirely precluded through the construction of physical barriers to separate cars and pedestrians.”

-Alexander Barber


“Keep making decisions that while unpopular, are good for Los Angeles.”

-Daniel Funk


“I think that Mike understands that to be a truly great and livable city we need to plan for a future that includes more options than driving everywhere.  We need to plan for other modes of transportation including bicycling, walking, and public transportation.”

-William Kelly


“Because safe streets are a priority of mine and data shows traffic calming works.”

-Daniel Shenise


“Mike Bonin has made a serious effort to provide difficult solutions to LA's traffic problems. Safer streets is exactly what this city desperately needs and its long over due.”

-Brian Murray


“Thank you Mike for working tirelessly for your constituents.”

-Birgitta Kastenbaum


“Mike Bonin is EXACTLY the kind of Councilman the Westside needs.”

-David Murphy


“Mike cares deeply about his constituents and works diligently to promote a more livable Los Angeles.”

-Ezra Hammer



“He is a good man doing the best he can for the community.  He has the guts to make tough choices and I support him.”

-Rick Garvey



“Livability issues, and alt-right trolls trying to take over LA is not good for our democracy”

-Sean Eckhardt


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Mike Bonin and had the courage to reject that insanity and try something different to make our streets safer for everyone.”

-Zachary Gaidzik


“He supports much-needed safer streets in LA.”

-Lara Wojahn


“Mike is capable and willing to go the distance in CD11. Obstacles aren't necessarily his fault as government has lots of red tape and time lags.”

-Nancy Freedman


“He has worked hard to make bicyclists, skaters, pedestrians safer.”

-Glenn Crider


“Pedestrian representation.”

-Seth Godwin


“He's the only one who supports the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and safer streets.”

-Michael Gardiol


“Mike is committed to changing the way money is used to improve communities to be more equitable for all it's residents. His commitment to diversity and inclusion, and safer and greener streets, is far ahead of most Councilmembers. If only residents truly understood the social determinants of health and how Mike is trying to change those outcomes in his district.”

-Joey Bravo


“I was a longtime resident of Mar Vista and continue to bike through this district regularly. I am grateful that Bonin has stood up for safety, listened and responded to his constituents, and maintained a sensible, data-driven approach to finding solutions.”

-Karen Canady


“Mike does a wonderful job  serving our community~ I stand behind the decisions he’s made as our leader and support his position in our council.”

-Gabrielle Zacuto


“I love Mike and applaud his efforts in making Mar Vista one of the safest communities in the city. He is Mar Vista’s biggest advocate and I support him whole heartedly. I’m happy to call him my friend and thrilled to call him my councilman.”

-Bill Koontz


“Mike consistently acts in ways which support my neighborhood stakeholders.”

-Sron Migdal


“Mike has done a great job advocating for my neighborhood.”

-Tia Tuenge


“Mike Bonin is in touch with the traffic/transit realities that exist in Los Angeles.  He is a visionary, and is predicting the "parking lot" future of the Los Angeles County/City Streets; if, citizens do not choose alternative means of transportation which include SAFE walking and bicycling facilities.”

-Jennifer A. Gill


“I have found him to be responsive to every issue that has affected my community.  He shows up and answers the hard questions.  He listens, admits when he is wrong and seems to me to always want to do better.  I don't know many politicians as approachable as Mike.”

-Sara Nichols


“Mike Bonin has worked tirelessly to help make the streets of Los Angeles safer for all - people walking, people biking and people driving.”

-Scott Gamzon


“Mike has been the most vocal supporter of Vision Zero and making our streets safer.”

-Keith Martin


“I want be able to bike and walk without fearing that drivers will kill or injure me. I also want a healthier environment free of noise pollution and exhaust. I want more people to bike and fewer people to drive so that the benefits become widely acknowledged.”

-Dylan Smith


“Mike has taken real political risks to stand up for pedestrians and cyclists, the most vulnerable road users in LA. We need a culture change in the way we get around our streets, and Councilmember Bonin deserves huge credit for refusing to be intimidated by entitled bullies.”

-Jordan Fraade


“Safe Streets!”

-Nathan Pope


“The number one cause of death in Los Angeles for kids aged 14 and under is being hit by a vehicle. Every 34 days, someone dies in LA because of our unsafe PUBLIC street infrastructure. Streets are not for cars, they are for people and the myriad ways they chose to travel. We are the 2nd largest city in the US and if LA is ever going to be a true world-class city that will meet our environmental goals (ghg emissions), we need to leaders who will make tough choices when faced by opposition to change.”

-Tiffany Chao


“Because he's supportive of closing the dangerous Playa del Rey gas storage facility.”

-Marcia Hanscom


“He's a courageous enough progressive to do the right thing on safe streets, sustainable transportation, and affordable housing even when it's not the politically safe thing.”

-Ben Creed


“Safe streets.”

-Michael Cahn


“Safer streets for all.”

-Dan Levy


“Mike supports and works for the issues I am most passionate about as an advocate for older adults and sustainability.”

-Sherri Akers


“Mike gets shit done.”

-Paul Dumont


“Mike is the best person on the city council when it comes to forward thinking progressive measures on road safety. I am proud of his work on MP2035 and Vision Zero. These plans need to go further, get more funding, and be implemented asap. Bonin is the leader to get that done.”

-Josh Paget


“Mike is smart; Committed; hard working.”

-Linda Lucks


“Because he's an honorable public servant.”

-Jerry Daniel


“Mike has been an outstanding partner in helping to create a better West LA! Thank you for your support!”

-Greg Ericksen


“Mike Bonin has been an outstanding representative of CD 11 focusing on the challenges of homelessness, transportation, affordable housing and quality of life issues across our community.”

-Susan B Haskell


“Good man doing a good job.”

-Richard & Marilyn Wulliger


“Because he is doing an outstanding job as my council person.”

-Jane Crist


“He's done a great job.”

-Steve Cron


“Because he is amazingly dedicated to serving the community.  He is also the perfect combination of policy wonk and practical problem solver.  And he is passionate about public service.”

-Melissa Grant


“He has done a good job and will continue to fight for the Westside.”

-Gailo Wirth


“I appreciate Mike's efforts on behalf of the community.”

-Christopher Plourde


“I support the Great Streets project on Venice Blvd.”

-Barbara Jones


“I don't always agree with Mike but his office is responsive, helpful, and he's honest.”

-Ron Shelton


“I am pro-Great Streets.”

-Peter Kapp


“Mike has a vision for cleaner, safer and more inclusive Los Angeles. He understands what it takes to push progress forward, and I believe he has Angelenos' best interests in mind.”

-John Posatko


“His policies on issues are in alignment with my wishes, especially with regard to public safety (the bike lane on Venice Blvd.) and homelessness.”

-Varina Bleil


“Mike's done great things for the district. He's the best!”

-Bruce Jugan


“Mike Bonin cares about our communities.”

-Suzanne Napoleon


“Mike is the paragon of public service. He does the small things and big things our community needs. His support of Vision Zero and desire to make LA a walkable and more livable city is the reason he was elected overwhelmingly in the first place and the reason he should stay in office.”

-Eric DeSobe


“We need someone who has the courage to stand up to NIMBY's.  Mike is the only council member who hasn't backed down on the tough stuff like housing the homeless, encouraging TOD, and making our streets safer for all road users.”

-Greg Laemmle

“His ideas are progressive and forward thinking.”

-Alisha Schneider


“I believe he is a progressive force in our community.”

-Elizabeth Wilson


“Mike Bonin is exactly who I want representing our neighborhood. He is a hard working, accessible and socially responsible.”

-Pepper Edmiston


“Mike is a champion of safe streets.”

-David Coles


“Councilman Bonin is a principled and progressive leader who is not afraid to dig in on challenging issues.”

-Molly Hogin


“Mike is a bold leader - he advocates for his community and is not afraid to take a stand.”

-Jessica Lall


“Mike has been a tremendously dedicated public servant.  If only all our elected officials were as genuine and thoughtful as Mike, we wouldn't have half the problems we do.”

-Marcus Castain


“He has chosen to take on ending homelessness and doing whatever it takes to solve the humanitarian crisis.”

-Lindsay Saunders


“He’s trying to get stuff done.”

-Bernard Brucha


“Mike is not afraid to lead, not afraid to try something new, not afraid to admit that it's possible for elected leaders to make mistakes.”

-Damien Newton


“I've worked with him personally and know his heart and intentions are always in the right place for the vast majority of residents in our community.   Homeless and street traffic safety are absolutely a problem, and Mike is brave enough to take on even the tough issues, not just the politically easy topics.”

-Joshua Touber


“I have seen Mike show up for his constituents, tackle the big issues and give his time and energy for the people of the Westside. I am sad that we have to use our time and his to oppose this, but Mike is someone I believe in, so I will give my time and energy to affirm my dedication to what is right, what Mike has done, and what we still have to do together.”

-Dale Griner


“I believe in the Great Streets project and support the commitment that Mike Bonin has demonstrated to the community.”

-Andreanna Ditton


“He gets things done, acts in the public interest, and rejects NIMBY politics.”

-Noah Strouse


“Passion, integrity, dedication to his district and its people.”

-Ivan Menchell


“I feel Mike is on our side, and has the good of the entire community as his number one goal.”

-Michael Price


“Mike puts great thought and consideration into addressing often complex and highly controversial issues, always putting our neighborhoods first.”

-Dan Martin


“He and his team are always helpful, always available, respond in a timely manner. He has made many great changes and, last but not least, he won the election! Time to move on!”

-Pamela Brown


“Mike has looked out for our best interests and isn't afraid of changing course when appropriate. I appreciate seeing him active at community events--and know the job is much larger than Venice Blvd.”

-Katherine Gutmann


“I asked Mike Bonin to list my name because I believe that we need to stand up against the bullies who spread hate and try to intimidate - with threats, harassment, insults and by shouting down open discussion.”

-Kristin Kleinjans


“Mike is an awesome public official who works every day to make city government work for us. He leads his colleagues on the City Council by taking courageous positions for those who most need a champion, whether that is homeless people needing housing and services or seniors and kids who are most vulnerable to speeding traffic in our neighborhoods. In a cynical political time, Mike inspires me to be more involved in my community in a positive way. I like Mike!”

-Karen Wolfe


“He has always done a good job.”

-Donna  Mills


“Mike is following his campaign platform and is working to make positive, long-term changes in our community.”

-Matthew Kline


“A very effective councilman and hardworking.”

-Emily and Jerry Mayer


“He is doing a good job with the Venice Boulevard Greet Street improvements, eliminating homelessness, and responding to constituents.  We need him to lead us into a better future.”

-Joan Ling


“Mike has a tough job, but he is pushing for what he thinks is in the best of interests of his district and Angelenos city-wide.”

-Daniel Tenenbaum


“He is leading our city in the right direction. I didn’t agree with is traffic plan and glad he has reversed some parts and hope he reverses the other parts as well.  Per his message, he will correct course when he makes a mistake.  The traffic plan was a huge mistake.”

-Anthony Bardin


“I am an active member of the Pacific PalisadesDemocratic Club and Mike has always responded to our request for information  and help. He has come to many of our events and meetings.  He knows the issues and always has strategies that can work toward solving them.”

-Rae Jeane Williams


“A true progressive who’s not afraid to take on hard issues!”

-Marta Evry


“Mike is the hardest working person I know. He is principled with a very strong sense of right and wrong and always looks to do the right thing. His personal integrity is an inspiration.”

-Julie Ross


“He has been a strong ally for the neighborhood residents.”

-Randee Bishoff


“Mike has been a leader in addressing homelessness through, among other things, additional low income housing in our communities.”

-Susan Millmann


“Does what he says he will do.”

-Richard Blumenberg


“He's been great for our district!”

-Matt Bombeck


“He works for our community.”

-Lyle Poncher


“Because Mike actually actively pursues policies I agree with.”

-Lynne Paxton


“A true champion of our community. Especially with LAX modernization without expansion. Plus, he is really a nice guy!”

-Tom Rosendahl


“Mike and his entire CD11 staff team are responsive, intelligent and dedicated to our community.”

-Christina Spitz


“Mike Bonin is as good as it gets.  He works so hard, cares so much and represents his constituents very well.”

-Laurie Newman



“I’m a 50 year resident. Mike is the best!”

-LAFD Assistant Chief Patrick  Butler [Rank & Title for ID purposes only]


“Excellent representative. He listens and works hard for us.”

-Stuart Kreisman


“Mike has been a great leader on advocating for the homeless in our district. I'm a big fan of the traffic calming. And lots of my favorite people who were in LA long before I was love him. (Especially Julia Rosen.) And frankly, I'm appalled that with Trump as President people are motivated to act by sitting in traffic for 1 extra minute or having 8 story buildings go up in their neighborhood.”

-Jessica Shearer


“Mike Bonin is the model elected official. He listens. He thinks. He leads without fear and he has a moral compass that always points toward ‘true north.’"

-Rick Jacobs


“He usually listens to both side.  I believe the road diet situation came about as opponents were not aware of what was happening.”

-Don Treiman


“His integrity, courageous  initiative on homelessness and general intelligence.”

-Joe Halper


“I have admired Mike's hard work and caring for our community since the time he worked for Bill Rosendahl.”

-Sandy Goldfarb


“I support the Venice road diet and safe, slower more pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets!”

-Martin Lopez-Iu


“Homessness and lack of affordable housing are long standing problems in LOS angeles that have been ignored by city officials for decades. Now mike is finally providing the leadership on the city council needed to effectively address this crisis.”

-Steve Clare


“Mike is amazing. He makes himself more available than any rep I've ever met. He literally walks the walk.”

-Laurie Parres


“Mike has been responsive and proactively to the needs of his district. It is absurd that time and money is being wasted on an unjust effort to remove an outstanding elected official.”

-Susan Stockel


“Mike is a man of great integrity.  We don't agree on every issue, but I always trust that he'll do what's right and good for his neighborhoods.  It's also refreshing to see a politician willing to both admit and correct their mistake (re: Vista del Mar).”

-Brian Silveira


“Mike is honest. Mike cares. Mike is sincere in his effort to make the best city possible.”

-Justin Yoffe


“Mike Bonin has integrity and experience. He is a dedicated City Council member who cares deeply for the community he represents.”

-Jerry Rubin


“I am still amazed at the depth and breadth of the work Mike has done in so many areas of concern.  No one works harder for our communities.”

-Mayde Rosen


“I am in favor of the road diets.  I support any attempt to create better people places in our city, instead of 'car places'.”

-Brian Reiff


“Mike Bonin is a leader at City Hall that cares deeply about making streets safer and finding solutions to homelessness and other social justice issues. Thank you!”

-Lyndsey Nolan


“I'm a long time supporter, live near Mar Vista, and I appreciate everything you do for safety improvements in the neighborhood.”

-Ryan Olson


“Mike has worked actively to achieve positive results in our community and has taken time to listen to the voters.”

-Joyce Landsverk


“Mike is bold, smart and tirelessly works for a better, more sustainable CD 11.”

-Jonathan Parfrey


“Commitment to affordable housing and permanent supportive housing for homeless in Venice and throughout the westside.”

-Marie Kennedy


“Above all, I believe Mike has the best interest of the average westside resident at heart. He, and his staff make themselves readily available to the constituents they serve and take the feedback they receive (both positive and negative) seriously.”

-Jacqueline McMillen


“Mike is one of the few politicians I've actually had a face to face conversation with. His many proactive efforts to reach out and meet his constituency is refreshing and I feel like he really cares about our concerns.”

-Dale Morimoto


“He implements policies for the public good.”

-Alfonso Directo Jr.


“Mike Bonin is a council member who actually listens, takes our concerns to heart and acts on them. He is a pro-active council member who has nothing but what is best for our city as his motivation.”

-Sue Kohl


“Bonin is working on progressive change for a sustainable future LA and I support his efforts.”

-Rosalind Helfand


“I think Mike has done a great job and I don't understand single issue voting. If people are upset about the new Venice Boulevard traffic plan, they should make themselves heard but not throw out a good representative because of one annoying problem.”

-David Goodnick


“I support Mike because he is doing a great job for our community  and for Los Angeles as a whole.”

-Marlene Grossman


“Because he stands for all our neighbors in Los Angeles.”

-Pamela Sparrow


“A very thoughtful and pro-active supporter of our neighborhoods.  While I do not agree with all of his decisions, he always keeps us abreast of his reasoning.”

-Michael Berk


“Mike Bonin has continued the 11th District support for the Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument, initiated by his predecessor, the late Bill Rosendahl, and helped make the VJAMM a reality, dedicated April 27, 2017.  Regarding the Road Diet: Mike Bonin's reversal of the lane closures in Playa Vista and Vista del Mar demonstrates his responsiveness to reasonable and rational community opposition to a well-intentioned plan to increase road safety.”

-Phyllis Hayashibara


“Mike Bonin has been a wonderful advocate for our District, alert to the most important issues affecting everyone in our diverse community.”

-Barrie Levy


“Safe streets! Kind policies for helping those in need!”

-Nona Varnado


“Mike Bonin is not afraid to think outside of the box and make difficult decisions that most other politicians are afraid to do because of it is always easier to not challenge the status quo. Being a visionary public servant requires trying new ways of doing things.”

-Daniel Saparzadeh


“Mike is an honest, hard-working public servant who has led the charge in making important changes that have benefited many in our community.”

-Daniel Vigil


“When Mike is in charge and he says he's going to do something, things get done.”

-Martin Mitnick


“He is thoughtful, caring and stands up for what is right.”

-Jean Cohen


“No one else works harder or is more passionate.”

-Teddie Kantz


“Mike works hard for all the people of the community - day in and day out. His long-term vision positively affected future generations already with his work on public transportation. Thanks to Mike, I know feel safe enough to run, walk, and ride my bike with my son sitting in back down Venice Blvd. With people cutting down side streets, Mike will be able to fix that problem too if you give him the time. He is a completely committed civil servant, and I trust him 100% to make the right choices that best serve the community.”

-Bristol Posatko


Mike is a rare politician, willing to innovate to find solutions, admit when something doesn't work and keep listening and working to solve the tough problems that others have shied away from.”

-Kent Strumpell


“Mike is a competent, compassionate, and tenacious Councilmember who dedicates his resources toward the betterment of all of the communities he serves.”

-Michele Cooley-Strickland


“Some of the problems in our community are difficult to solve but he is willing to try to find solutions even when there may be mistakes or political costs.”

-Janet Ter Veen


“He has carried through on his promise to keep the airport from encroaching further into Westchester/Playa del Rey and his policies champion acceptance and equality for all those he represents.”

-Marylou Anderson


“Mike has always stood up for what is right and so it is right to stand up now with Mike for our right to be represented by who we voted for this year.”

-Jim Kennedy


“Commitment to workers rights and affordable housing.”

-Rachel Torres



“Mike is the best!”

-Eric Weinstein


“I believe Mike is the best candidate to represent the needs of our community.”

-Tamara Levenson


“We need courageous and progressive elected officials to help make L.A. the best city it can be. Mike leads when decisions are not always easy or popular, but necessary.”

-Jaycee Cart


“He works hard to help us improve our city and has ideas to help the homeless. He works many hours to do this too.”

-Sylvia Rath


“Because Vision Zero is a good start to smart planning for a less carbon-intensive future.”

-Kristina von Hoffmann


“Mike is working hard to find the best solutions to LA' s problems, even if they are not the most popular solutions.”

-David Moring


“He's the bold leader we need at City Hall - that's why Westsiders elected him!”

-Jeff Millman


“Tho' we disagree at times, I support Mike because he listens, he sees the big issues, he reaches out and earnestly attempts the best resolution for the whole District, not just a few.”

-Barbara Milliken


“He is a good Councilman and works hard for his district.”

-Ed & Karin Costello


“He believes in the community and his heart is in his work.”

-Robert Danelski


“He is not afraid to try new things to make our lives better. I haven't heard a single voice putting forward new ideas  - all I hear is whining about how bad change is (road diets) - there was plenty of opportunities for people to weigh in. Very sad that an effort to improve our living environment became so personal.”

-Jon Gaster


“Councilman Bonin has been extremely responsive to the community members of Playa del Rey in addressing our concerns about street safety.”

-Sona Geiger


“Because he is actively doing things to advance the civility of our city”

-Joe Nagengast


“He loves and serves this city.”

-Scott Leonard


“Mike was duly elected by the voters, with an overwhelming majority. We know of no legitimate reason to challenge the outcome of the vote or shorten Mike's term!”

-Larry Lynch


“I believe he is a strong, responsive and influential voice on City Council representing our district.”

-Nina G Rosenfield


“Cool hair.”

-Scott Carni


“I support the changes to the traffic patterns in Mar Vista.  AS a resident and a biker, its much safer and easier to access the local businesses.”

-Luke O'Dea


“Mike actually gets things done, unlike most other members of the City Council who merely talk.  Major issues with traffic and homelessness but too much NIMBY.  Each district should provide 1/15 (15 Districts) of the needs of PSH and affordable housing on government-owned property.”

-Martin Lee


“During his term in office, Mike has shown his integrity.  In addition, he supports all constituents--business, local organizations and citizens from the well-to-do to the homeless.  We need Mike Bonin's inclusiveness.”

-Jack Prichett


“Mike is trying his best to improve the communities for all not just a few. Sometimes change takes time to adjust to and sometimes people are unwilling to try new things.”

-Carol Binnington


“Mike is not the usual politician. Mike is brave enough to initiate progressive policies but not incapable of acknowledging errors of judgment when results are different from those envisioned. His responsiveness to us constituents is remarkably strong without being whipsawed by the latest isolated neighborhood "cause du jour." He works hard to make policy that is durable and timely.”

-James Watt McCormick


“I like the improvements to Mar Vista.”

-David Menon


“Mike is a thoughtful and considerate politician willing to take on the difficult  issues in his district.”

-Sheila Goldberg


“I believe in him and his ideals.”

-Bob Hughes


“I believe he's doing a decent job and should complete his term as dictated by the community.”

-Brad & Nancy Rosenberg


“He has approached all the districts in his purview with attention to their needs and issues and has been proactive in addressing the challenges and opportunities in each of them.”

-Sandra Bleifer


“Mike is a straight shooter. He gets policy into action. He does not just talk about it. He does the action.  May God Bless your work and give you the strength and courage to remain strong and become even stronger from this test.”

-Laurie Carpenter


“Councilmember Bonin has kept his promises. He committed to Vision Zero, working toward fixing the homelessness crisis, reforming the building code and zoning process, and several other issues on which he has least made efforts if not achieved outright success. Mike is a member of my Mar Vista community, and I know he and his staff work hard to make it and all of Los Angeles a better place.”

-Jeff Mee


“Mike is doing a great job for our neighborhood and we are glad to support him as our member of the City Council.”

-Frank Maas


“Mike Bonin is always very responsive to all his constituents.”

-Danna Cope


“Mike has the courage to support the underclass in the face of loud NIMBY opposition.”

-Sylvia Aroth


“You are being the good leader for council 11 and you are always welcome in this Community for the things well done.”

-Marco Galindo


“The Councilman stands up for the rights of all of us when he takes these courageous stands to protect the most vulnerable of us on our streets and sidewalks.”

-Aaron Paley


“He has been incredible in helping us stop the over-development of Playa Del Rey and a real advocate for all that makes our diverse community safe and great.”

-Elise Slifkin-McClure


“Mike is incredibly hard working and has accomplished a lot for our community. He is very reasonable and doesn't strike me as a wild-eyed radical.”

-Gary Scott Littell


“He is a climate leader!”

-Leah Garland


“I voted for him and the policies he supports. You are not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.”

-Matthew Konicek


“As a cyclist and pedestrian, I love the great streets initiative. I like that Mike fought for a $15 minimum wage, and believe he is working hard to bring affordable housing to LA and reverse the troubling increase in homelessness.”

-Rachel Bracker


“Mike has consistently been one of the most progressive voices on the LA City Council, advocating for the rights of the most marginalized in our society.  He is a man of conscience and acts accordingly.”

-Cara Robin


“Mike Bonin is one of the few people in city government who supports the arts, is concerned with gentrification and fair housing, and is seeking decent treatment of the homeless within the constraints given by the larger community. It's not an easy task, but Mike is not avoiding the complexity of the issues involved and is trying to be fair to all parties.”

-Richard Modiano


“Mike has always served our local community interests when faced with difficult and challenging decisions.”

-Scott Dellinger


“Has always responded to requests and suggestions.”

-Lidia Rubinstein


“He's responsive to our Mandeville Canyon issues - fire, safety, developments in the Sta. Monica Mts.”

-Jeanne Field


“He has always been our advocate. He is always looking to make life better for everyone in LA.  He does not represent special interests but rather seeks to serve all members of our community.”

-Wendy Zacuto


“Mike fights for the issues that I care about.  I want a walkable,  sustainable community that I can age in and that my grandkids can live safely in.”

-Sherri Akers


“I have experienced Mike Bonin as being present and responsive to neighborhood issues since he took office. He worked to gather neighborhood input about the Venice Blvd. Great Streets project opportunity before the changes were implemented. Also, I happen to support the new Venice Blvd plan, despite some of the concerns raised. It's made the street more pleasant to be on. I believe it will take time for people to get used to the changes.  Lastly,  I live on a neighborhood "cut through" street, and I can testify that there was a very long line of cut through traffic before the Venice Blvd changes.”

-Natalie Levine Levine


“He has done all kinds of good in our community. I do believe he cares.”

-Ellen Klein


“Because he is for the people.”

-Gilbert Oviedo


“He makes us all safer and he makes our community better!”

- Marybeth Miceli


“He takes care of our community.  He keeps his word.”

-Maria Reyes


“He is an excellent councilperson and represented the district with great determination and success. He is a very fair man in negotiations. I trust him implicitly. I hope that he runs for Mayor someday.”

-Jordan Kerner


“Mike puts heart and soul into issues big and small across our community!”

-Adam Wolman


“Great leadership, commitment to ending homelessness.”

-Barbara Osborn


“I support leadership in mobility and land use policies which Mike has helped provide the City of LA.”

-Jim Suhr


“Honest and care about his constituents.”

-Dan Moreno


“He makes thoughtful and informed decisions.”

-Elisa Paster


“Mike is a fierce advocate for his constituents. He works to protect our environment, house our homeless, and keep our streets safe.”

-Duane  Muller


“I support Mike because he advocates for the homeless, the environment, and the communities that he serves. I do not want us to lose such a strong and positive leader.”

-Emma Spiekerman


“Mike knows how to blend vision, values,  pragmatism and hard work to advance the needs of the residents in our district.”

-Michele Prichard


“Mike seems committed to address some extremely challenging issues and problems facing our communities on the West Side.”

-Andrea Roth


“Mike is accessible and listens to his constituents, does not hide from the issues and is not afraid to tackle tough problems.”

-George Wolfberg


“I am happy with the work he has done on behalf of our community.”

-Lisa Hamor


“I have the highest regard for Mike Bonin, his integrity and honesty and dedication to serve.”

-Rosaline George


“He is a serious, thoughtful representative.”

-Peter Muller


 “Mike is one of the hardest working elected officials in the city of Los Angeles. He has accomplished so much in his first term. He has tried to solve many problems and when the solution does not work, he will change course and try to think of another way. We are so fortunate to have  Mike as our City Councilmember. I am so sorry that he has to defend his seat. It is a waste of time and money.”

-Marylin Krell


“I feel he has been responsive to the needs of our district.”

-Rhonda Papell


“He has done so much good for our community.”

-Bonnie Mishelevich


“Dedicated to rationale improvements to LAX and other interests for the benefit of the Westside.”

-David Mishelevich, M.D., Ph.D.


“Courageous and effective”

-Miguel Santana


“Because he's honest, decent, fair and dedicated to the betterment of the people of the area he represents.”

-Mike Farrell


“Mike is as straight forward and hardworking as an elected official can get.  He places the welfare of his constituents above everything else.  He won the election with an overwhelming majority and has honored his voters by delivering what he promised.”

-Haldis Toppel


“I've seen all the work he has done for the community I work in.”

-Virginia Martinez


“Mike is hard working and conscientious. He cares about the issues that we all care about.”

-Ron Papell


“He's transparent and cares about improving CD11.”

-Jennifer Ma-Pham


“I trust him and he knows how to get things done.”

-Suzanne Thompson


“Mike suppports our neighbors and advocates for a safer city.”

-Anne Arikian


“Hard worker doing a great job.”

-Bernard Schiffer


“Mike is dedicated to Council District 11 and is making the City a better place to live, work and play.”

-Nate Kaplan


“As a member of the Mar Vista community, I support safer streets and protected bike lanes. Mike's office has been very responsive whenever I have tried to reach them.”

-Steven Somers


“I feel that Mike Bonin prioritizes the safety of the community he represents, helping to lower the percentage of hit and run accidents that have been becoming more prevalent due to “driver distraction”.  Additionally, I find him to be an accessible and approachable council member who reaches out and listens to his constituents concerns. He’s been a very strong voice regarding the negative impact of SMO’s air and noise pollution on the surrounding neighborhoods and doing what he can to help support the closure of the airport in the future.”

-Laura Gideon


“I’ve known Mike for 20 years. We’ve been in the trenches together, he’s a man of his word, and he always tries to do right by the people.”

-Lynne Lyman


“Mike is an innovative problem solver and works hard to represent the entire district, in which I lived for many years.”

-Charles Sena


“Always available to listen to suggestions and proactive.”

-Paul Glasgall


“i enjoy the quietness that has occurred because of the new bike lanes configuration. I take nice safe rides around our small town area without fear of being run down by crazed rushing commuters. I have had more walk in traffic in my businesses.”

-Ken Wallman


“Mike works for values I care about: living wages, affordable housing and human rights, among them.”

-Sarah Auerswald


“Mike worked tirelessly to reach an agreement with LAWA not to even consider moving the runways north until all the current capital improvements are completed in 2024; and to settle lawsuits filed by community groups and other municipalities against LAWA so a modernized traffic improvement plan could move forward. Thank you Mike!”

-Val Velasco


“He is and has been an advocate for all voices in our community.”

-Paola Cervantes


“Mike has my support because he is a man of great integrity, strong social conscience and honestly represents the people he serves.”

-Gregory Metzger


“Mike is an active and caring person who does an excellent job of representing our district.”

-Raymond Ballard


“His uncompromised support of transit and active transportation.”

-Joel Epstein


“I believe he has the best interests of our community at the forefront of his actions.”

-Brian Allman


Why do YOU support Mike? Click here to let us know and have your comment posted on this page!

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